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Workplace Meditation Courses, Learning Experiences & Coaching


At Leading Beings, we’re passionate about helping your people become the best version of themselves they can be. We offer coaching, meditation courses and bespoke learning experiences that help people grow by bridging aspects of both personal and professional development.

We believe in building workplace consciousness, by helping people build awareness of themselves, others and the systems and environments in which they work. Then we help them uncover and tap into their unique strengths and potential to make a positive impact.

Workplace Meditation Courses

Workplace meditation can be a great way to support your people in dealing with the challenges of their modern work. Not only can meditation have benefits related to wellbeing and health, it can also improve self awareness, how people interact with each other, resilience, adaptability and many more qualities required for success in a 21st century working world. .

We offer small group meditation courses for you and your people in the comfort of your own office.

Learn more about our meditation courses here.

To request a call for information or discuss your needs, please click the “Enquire about workplace meditation” button below.

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Workplace Learning & Development Experiences


At Leading Beings, we design and deliver learning and development experiences that are crafted to bring out the best of each of your people as unique individuals. We create bespoke programs and workshops that take elements from human centred design/design thinking, coaching, positive psychology and more to support your people and teams to:

  • Develop as inspiring, conscious and impactful leaders (whether by title or nature)

  • Connect to personal and organisational meaning and purpose

  • Create greater work-life wellbeing, harmony and flow

  • Develop self awareness

  • Understand, work with and support others – whether that be customers/clients, stakeholders, suppliers, team members etc.

  • Become more human centred leaders or innovators

  • Help others grow and develop

  • Expand their capacity to learn, create, innovate and make a difference.

We work closely with you to determine your needs and design experiences to meet them. Where possible, we value a collaborative approach. We love working with you and our wider network of professional experts and facilitators to create rich, meaningful and engaging offerings that leave an impression.

Please get in touch to have a chat about the learning experience you’d love to deliver.

Workplace Coaching

Individual or group coaching is a great way to bring the best out in your people. Our coaching focuses on whole self development and leadership and encourages people to align their personal and professional selves for wellbeing, fulfilment and impact.

We can also work with teams to improve team/organisational cohesion, creativity, customer centricity, communication and culture (all the Cs).

Some examples of how we can work with your people include:

  • Empowering your leaders in creating a more harmonious and healthy relationship between their work and life

  • Working with your young/emerging leaders to develop their confidence, empathy and creativity in leading project and people

  • Supporting individuals through career, team, cultural, client or other interpersonal challenges

  • Connecting people to meaning and purpose for greater fulfilment and impact via their work

  • Building hands on capability in customer experience, service design and human centred leadership.

Coaching is predominately offered online via Skype/Zoom, but in person session may also be arranged. To find out more about coaching and request pricing, please click “Enquire about workplace coaching” below. You may also like to visit our Coaching page.