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Live well. Work well. Make Meaning.

Vedic meditation, coaching & learning experiences to be your best human in work, leadership & life.


Hey Fabulous Human

Do you want your life and work to have a positive ripple effect on the world? Well that ripple starts with you.

We help conscious, creative and curious types like yourself, by being your killer wing woman (or man) when you’re evolving and expanding in your career, business, leadership and life.

We offer Vedic meditation, coaching and learning experiences to help you find your flow, flourish and grow for next-level wellbeing, fulfilment & impact.

Be a Leading Being. Create a clear path through the chaos of modern day work-life. Settle into that sweet spot where who you are, what you do and how you want to live aligns, so you can use your unique potential to be a positive force.


Come and jam with us…

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We believe meditation is the foundation for a more flowing and fulfilling experience of work and life. Vedic meditation is a modern interpretation of ancient practices designed to help you: release stress, tension and fatigue; develop greater awareness, resilience and consciousness; be more intentional and transform from the inside out.


Personal & Professional Coaching

Our coaching takes a holistic approach that brings together aspects of self, life and work. We help you grow, transform and activate your true potential in your career, business, leadership and/or life. Tap into what’s truly important to be the person you want to be, do meaningful and fulfilling work and live an intentional life that makes and impact.



Join one of our online or in-person courses, workshops or events and elevate your personal and professional growth. Create greater harmony and flow in your work-life; become a more conscious and impactful leader or business owner; transform your career for more meaningful work and greater wellbeing. Plus much more…

We also offer bespoke meditation, coaching and learning & development experiences for your team/workplace.


The Leading Beings Podcast