Kate McCready


Founder of Leading Beings | Meditation Teacher | Coach & Strategist | Speaker & Facilitator | Podcaster | Learning Experience Designer

What I care about

As the founder of Leading Beings, I’m passionate about supporting people to grow: in work, leadership and life. I created Leading Beings with a focus on how we can each expand our consciousness and potential, so that we can lead fulfilling, flowing and impactful lives.

I have a deep belief that when we are all living and working in alignment with who we are, our unique strengths and potential, that’s when we have the capacity to truly make a difference in the world. I love to work with people in the sweet spot between self, life and work, between personal, professional and spiritual to help them achieve this. This is whole self development. I help people tune into what’s really important and what they need to have a meaningful career, be a conscious leader or business owner and of course, live a good life.

A big part of my work is brining awareness to what is: helping people better understand themselves, others and the systems and environments in which they operate. Then helping people take practical steps towards becoming more of the person they want to be, doing the kind of work they want to do and living how they want to live.

Working with me

By attending one of my meditation courses, working with me as your coach or having me design or lead you through a learning experience, you will be working with someone who can combine: empathy with logic, feeling with strategy, science with spirituality, structure with flow, being with doing, creativity with planning and practicality with intuition.

I am a positive realist with a down to earth approach. I love connecting dots and making meaning out of mess. I believe the best is already in people and I’m there to help them bring it out and help it grow.

I’ve helped people:

  • Create businesses or careers aligned to who they are, the life they want to live and the difference they want to make in the world

  • Become more empathetic, human centred leaders who understand their people and know how to develop them

  • Make the transition into more meaningful and fulfilling careers that support a better life

  • Create new business or leadership strategies to align to values and wider life or organisational goals

  • Become more of the person they want to be (or really are deep down)

  • Uncover and better understand their purpose, strengths, skills and value

  • Gain clarity on what they really want out of work and life

  • Develop their self awareness and make changes that support greater wellbeing and fulfilment

  • Challenge old paradigms, patterns and beliefs that no longer serve

  • And much more.

My coaching specialities include:

  • Career purpose, strategy and change

  • Conscious business, leadership & strategy

  • Work-life design (I prefer not to use the term work-life balance, but that might be what you’re after)

  • Purpose driven startup

  • Human centred design and leadership

  • Personal & professional development and growth

My experience

After a few years of exploration and ‘getting to know myself’ (a Theatre diploma, working in call centres, and as an English Teacher in Japan), I found my path in innovation after returning to study a Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship. 

Working as an Innovation Catalyst in State Government (yes, that was really my title), then jumping over to the corporate world to work in innovation at Deloitte - I eventually stumbled across the world of 'Design Thinking.' This saw me take the leap from employee to self employed with my first solo business as a human centred designer (including experience design, service design, learning design & customer experience). Here I could really tap into my passion for the human side of business and lead projects for organisations such as RealEstate.com.au, The Department of Education (VIC), The Department of Health and Human Services (VIC), Australia Post, City of Melbourne, Engineers Australia, NAB and more.

A sucker for learning and personal development - I not surprisingly decided coaching would also be another great tool in the tool belt and completed a coaching certification. 

For six years I ran a successful business as a solo practitioner working as a coach, facilitator, designer and strategist with both organisations and individuals. Initially starting out in strategy, design and coaching for purpose driven businesses and projects, I slowly branched out towards my current focus of holistic personal and professional development – an approach that considers meaning, wellbeing, fulfilment and impact from a whole work-life perspective. Teaching meditation became a part of this journey as I saw the incredible impacts it had on my own life and the lives of others, as a foundation for meaningful personal and professional transformation and growth.

Over the past years I have kicked off a number of projects to help me share my passions. In 2015 I launched The Good Work Revolution podcast, now renamed the Leading Beings podcast – which has remained in the iTunes new and noteworthy section since its inception. In 2018 I collaborated with my dear friend Kate Cashman to create Work-Life X conference - an event to inspire and empower people to take a more intentional approach to how they craft their working lives.

My experience (and my life) is a living, breathing example of my work and my message. That we can all create work and lives aligned to who we are, our values and how we want to live. Work is changing and we are no longer bound by old, outdated paradigms. Purpose and meaning have power for individuals and organisations. People become leaders by how they show up, not their title. Leadership starts with the self.

Quals & Creds

  • Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship

  • Certified Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy 

  • Meditation Initiator in the Vedic tradition

  • Diploma of Arts: Small Companies and Community Theatre 

  • Trained facilitator (via Deloitte)

  • Design Thinking Training (via Deloitte and Stanford D-School) 

  • And a plethora of online programs and courses (I'm a life-long learner).