About Leading Beings


At Leading Beings, we work with curious humans to help them create amazing working-lives where they can feel fulfilled, in flow and like their time here on earth really means something.

You might be a leader, a creator, an explorer, a business owner, a life-long learner, a founder, a higher achiever, a change maker, an adventurer, a world shaker, a career shaper, a lifestyle creator or someone who just wants to live and work in a way that feels super aligned to who you want to be.

We’re here to help you step into your life and work as a Leading Being.

What’s a Leading Being you ask? Great question.

We define a Leading Beings as:

A person who leads themselves and others, from a place grounded in being, for the benefit of all.

Our work is all about helping you (or your people) tap into your unique, positive potential in your your career, business, leadership and life. Our combination of services is designed to cover different aspects of your growth and development - and is centred on helping you grow as a human ‘Being’, not just a human ‘doing’.

We work with individuals through personal and professional coaching, meditation courses and learning experiences. We also can work with your organisation via packaged or bespoke workplace offerings.

Leading Beings is founded by Kate McCready. You can read more about Kate here.

Our Approach & Offerings

Our approach is a part personal, part professional and a little bit spiritual. Because you, your work and your life aren’t separate. We combine experience, tools, methods, research and knowledge from across different fields – from ancient to modern – including:

  • meditation

  • coaching

  • philosophy & spirituality

  • personal & professional development

  • design thinking, human centred & experience design

  • positive psychology

  • science & research

  • and even bit of theatre thrown in for good measure.

A big part of what we’re about is helping you expand your consciousness - of yourself, of others and of the systems, environments and world you operate within. Why? Our consciousness affects our perceptions, which affects our thoughts, which then affects our behaviours. Expand your consciousness and see your work and life transform for the better.

Our offerings are centred around:

  • Whole self development & leadership: Take ownership of your growth across the different aspects of your life. Build self awareness, resilience, adaptability, confidence, focus, creativity and your general capacity to manage the challenges of modern life and work in all their messy complexity.

  • Work-life design: Craft your work-life with intention for greater wellbeing, flow, and alignment between who you are, what you do and how you live.

  • Meaningful & purpose driven work: Do work that taps into your highest potential & makes a difference to yourself & others. Make conscious career changes, transitions and decisions.

  • Conscious Business & Leadership: Expand personal, team, cultural and organisational awareness and impact for profit and purpose. Start or grow your purpose driven business or side project. Craft your role as a business owner or leader to align to your values and the life you want to create.

Our Purpose

Support people to nurture, grow and share their unique, positive potential.

Our Values

Be your best human.

Start with Being. Connect to that place inside you that’s you at your core, then bring the best of that into the world. You are unique and have the potential to do amazing things. So you do you, Baby. You are also human. And being human can be hard. So do your best and know that it’s ok to not get it right 100% of the time.

Real me. Real you.

Bring the real you to all that you do. This gives others the permission to do the same. And when we are all being real with ourselves and each other, we can show up and communicate with authenticity and honesty.

Adventure together.

We are in this crazy thing called life together. So connect with those around you. They journey is more fun with friends. There is plenty for everyone. We all benefit when we work together to lift everyone up.

Open to grow.

To learn and grow we must be open. So, open yourself up. To possibilities, to emotions, to people, to experiences, to challenges, to knowledge, to self awareness to who you really are and what is truly important. Know that growth isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Wholly conscious.

Be aware of the whole picture: yourself, others, the systems and environments in which you operate, of the world around you. Life doesn’t happen in boxes. Expand your consciousness and you will see and understand things with greater clarity. Be conscious not just in mind, but in body, relationships, emotions and action.