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Vedic Meditation Courses

We offer in-person Vedic Meditation courses in Melbourne, Hobart and other locations around Victoria. We also on occasion teach overseas. See our calendar for upcoming courses.


What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation is a form of mantra based meditation, which is practiced for 10-20 minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably with your back supported (no crazy, cross legged pretzel positions). It was born out of an ancient Indian body of knowledge called the Vedas, but has been created to be easily practiced as part of modern living.

The technique is taught in-person over four consecutive days. Once you learn the technique, it is yours for life. You can do it anywhere without a teacher, an app, a fancy cushion, a zen-like meditation space. You don’t even need peace and quiet. Some refer to it as ‘easy’ meditation, as by using your mantra you are able to effortlessly transcend into a deeper state of Being beyond thought – whether you are a season practitioner or complete newbie.

How is it different from other types of meditation?

Where many types of meditation ask you to maintain a strong focus on something or contemplate something, Vedic Meditation holds a looser focus and allows you to drift effortlessly between mantra, thought and thoughtlessness. Research shows that this type of transcending technique produces different types of brain activity to meditation practices like Vipasana, Zazen or Mindfulness Meditation.

One of the things many students love, is in Vedic Meditation you don’t have to ‘observe your thoughts’, ‘let go of your thoughts’ or ‘clear your mind’ (because that’s almost impossible right?). In learning the technique you will come to understand how thoughts can be a normal and valid part of your meditation practice. But don’t worry! If you want to learn to meditate for your busy mind, it will still help.

To learn more about Vedic Meditation, book in for one of our free introductory talks via our Calendar or a request a free 15 minute intro call here. Or see upcoming talks and courses below.

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 What are the benefits of meditation?

There are many reported and researched benefits of meditation, including:

Improved sleep and increased energy

  • Pain management

  • Reduction in addictive behaviour/return to addictive behaviour post abstinence

  • Increased self awareness

  • Increased empathy, connection and compassion towards others

  • Greater patience with your family at Christmas. ; )

  • Redced stress and anxiety

  • Improved focus, attention and memory

  • Increased mental performance and creativity

  • Improved physical health and immune system

  • Better resilience and adaptability

  • Improved relationships and ability to work with others

While many of the benefits of meditation may be experienced soon after learning, scientific research shows that positive effects only increase with more lifetime hours of practice. The moral of the story? The best type of meditation is the one you stick with and do regularly.


“Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It’s a way of entering into the quiet that’s already there.”
– Deepak Chopra


How do I learn Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation is taught in-person over four consecutive days:

  • Day 1: One-on-one session (1 hour)

  • Day 2: Group session (2 hours)

  • Day 3: (Group session (1.5 hours)

  • Day 4: (Group session (1 hours)

After learning the technique on day one, you will practice the technique in between sessions. Each session you will then be introduced to deeper layers of information to help you turn the technique into a daily practice. In the sessions we will cover:

  • More about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits

  • Changes to your practice over time and how to maintain it

  • Tactical uses for the practice (eg. Long haul flights, sickness, pregnancy)

  • Guidance through some of your personal experiences with the technique as you begin to test it out with your L plates on. 

  • When, where and how to practice

  • How to fit the practice into your days (because we all know how tricky these things get with life, right?)

  • What happens with your mind and body when you do the technique (we’ll talk a lot about stress and fatigue here and throw in a bit of neuroscience and meditation research)


Course Inclusions

Your course fee includes:

  • The four session Vedic Mediation course

  • Free access to ongoing meditation meetups

  • Ongoing support

  • The ability to re-sit the course free as many times as you like

  • A 5% discount on individual coaching and online courses

Course Investment

Individual: $880 (incl. GST)

Young People (16-24) & Concession card holders: $595 (incl. GST)

Kids (6-15): If you have learned meditation, your child can learn with us free. Please contact us for details.

Bridging Course: $220 (incl. GST) - For students who have learned with another teacher from the same linage who still have their mantra (includes sessions 2, 3 and 4 only).

Discounts & Payment Plans

  • Sign up with a friends or family member and receive 10% off.

  • Refer a friend and they receive 10% off.

  • Payment plans may be made available for those who are unable to pay upfront course fees

  • Reduced fee courses may be made available for those experiencing financial difficulty.

Please contact us to arrange discounts and payment plans.


Private and Workplace Meditation Courses

Want to learn in the privacy of your own home? Perhaps you’d like to get a group together or have a meditation course taught at your next retreat? We offer private courses for individuals, couples, families, friends and groups. Please contact us for fees and information.

We also offer workplace courses. See our Workplaces page for more information.