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#2.04 Reflections- Reshaping Expectations

Sometimes when we go through a phase of personal and transformation and growth, things can change with the people closest to us. In this episode I discuss the theme of reshaping the expectations others might have of us. This reflection episode came from my discussion with Nicho Plowman in the previous episode. Make sure you check that one out for context.

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#2.03 Nicho Plowman - Vedic Meditation for Progressive Personal Change

Nicho and I discuss themes of doing a 180 in your life, exploring different spiritual and personal development modalities, releasing stress and supporting our nervous system to be the best we can be, motivating people with our story, living in alignment with who we really want to be and daily meditation for progressive personal change.

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#2.02 Steve Glaveski - The Intentional Entrepreneur: Values led leadership of self, life & buseinss

Steve and I discuss themes of living a deliberate and intentional life, creating value beyond the dollar, making decisions, taking risks, putting yourself out there, intentional use of technology and how you can be an intentional entrepreneur with values led leadership of yourself, life and business.

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